Look Beyond: Chores Have No Gender.

UN Women та UNFPA

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people began to work more at home, but due to gender stereotypes, the burden of housework fell mainly on women. UN Women and UNFPA decided to challenge the the unequal distribution of household responsibilities.

To this end, we launched the communication campaign Look beyond! which encouraged people to take a broader look at household chores.

The idea was embodied in outdoor advertising and a series of videos that showed stereotypical domestic scenarios with unexpected resolutions. A fun Instagram filter was also developed.

The campaign sparked intense discussions and was subsequently promoted globally by the UNFPA office.


The Look Beyond campaign sparked heated debate in many countries. So later it was expanded to Western Europe and Central Asia. Today, the campaign is being promoted globally by the UNFPA office in New York.



Iryna Pavlova Olga Mykhalets


Olga Mykhalets

Assistant Producer

Daria Kukisheva


Mariya Skarboviychuk

Sound Designer

Igor Bondarenko

Art Director

Iryna Pavlova

Graphic Designer

Yana Zinevich

Account Manager

Hanna Savchuk


Taras Mokhonko

Media Managers

Artem Bondar Andrii Hirchuk

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