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The largest Ukrainian charity fundraising website created on the basis of the Ukrainian Charity Exchange. The platform aims at creating a new model of systemic charity resting on the principles of accountability, transparency, responsibility and involvement of the general public.


The Ukrainian Charity Exchange is one of the first philanthropic organizations in Ukraine. However, at a certain moment the brand’s vibe became obsolete and could no longer efficiently communicate the significance of charity to today’s youth.

Therefore, our team had to relaunch the fundraising platform with enhanced functionality and new branding which would inspire people to do good things.


We analyzed the competitors and dived into studying the company’s business processes thoroughly.

After the target audience analysis, our team realized that good is capable of painting everyone’s black and white world with bright colors. This is why the symbol of the logo is a colored circle which is associated with a good deed and the totality of good which we can create together.

We included the palette of colors which correspond to the areas of the Charitable Platform’s activity in the dynamic identity.

The website has become more user-friendly and visually more attractive and comprehensible.


We developed a new naming, identity, brand book, updated website structure, video and digital content for the Ukrainian Charity Exchange. And very shortly, more contributions were made on the updated marketplace.


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Yaroslava Goncharuk

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