Postmen is all about people. We work, travel and grow together.

Yaroslav Vedmid.


Creating strong ideas and killing weak ones.

Hanna Savchuk.

Account Director

Alina Sandul.

PR Manager

Standing on guard of reputation.

Tetiana Yatsenko.

New Business Manager

Communication guru, master of client orientation, Postmenization adept.

Daria Varenyk.

Account Manager

Alina Kotina.

Account manager

I'm looking for a balance between the client's wishes and the team's capabilities.

Anzhelika Horovenko.

Account Manager

I am lighting up the clients' hearts.

Vlad Vorokh.

Account Manager

Deadlines director/ASAPs head

Maria Pustovit.

Account Manager


Iryna Pavlova.

Art Director, Head of Design

Dmytro Denyschyk.


Fifth wave designer with beautiful curls and wide eyebrows.

Kateryna Peretiatko.


Do what you can and be what will be.

Kolya Sorokin.

Graphic Designer

Think differently.

Anna Seniuk.

Creative Director, Head of Creative

Every challenge is an opportunity.

Anastasiia Russu.

Creative Copywriter

To get what you haven't had - become what you haven't been.

Daria Tarasevich.

Creative Copywriter

Run, Forest, run.

Maria Karatkevich.

Creative Copywriter

Mariya Kasatkina.

Head of Social media

Make fine - get fine.

Viktoriia Oleshko.

Social media manager

I am romanticizing life and living in digital space.

Alisa Chikova.

Social media manager

Constantly looking for victims for the video shooting in office.

Maryna Vlasyuk.

SMM Manager

A little more than just posting pictures on Instagram.

Ivan Grankin.


Ihor Kostitsyn.


I turn chaos into harmony.

Olga Mykhalets.

Creative Producer, Head of Video Production

Vladyslav Kalensky.

Motion Designer, Illustrator

There should have been animation.

Igor Bondarenko.

Sound Designer

In the beginning there was a sound.

Yegor Kadomtsev.

Video Editor

Ksenia Linova.

Office Manager

I don't like the world from the perspective of Yoshi.

Polina Polonska.

Human Resources Director

I am looking for creative talents, deep meanings and outstanding metaphors.

Iryna Voloshchuk.

Junior HR Generalist

Hire soft skills, train hard skills.

Iryna Shovkun.

Head of WEB Poduction

To understand the algorithm, you need to see it first.

Vyacheslav Doroshenko.

UX/UI designer

Iryna Romanyuk.

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Zamechaeva.

Finance Manager

Money does not bring happiness, but it has an extremely calming effect.

Olha Kramarenko.

Finance Manager

Big money earning is a courage, holding them - an intelligence, spending with dignity - art.

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