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Darnytsia is one of the leaders in the production of medicines in Ukraine with more than 90 years of experience. However, in 2019, the company began to lose ground in financial indicators, and the brand needed to update its positioning and reach out to new, more paying audiences.

Therefore, from a brand that sells pills, Darnytsia turned into a brand that sells health.

The main values of updated Darnytsia were health, innovation and technology. This was emphasized by the new identity, built on the basis of the D-shaped microscope and the ecological green color. In addition to the identity, we developed an animated website with a short virtual tour of Darnytsia, an audio clip that went viral on social networks and also launched branded messengers for doctors and pharmacists.

We managed to reach an audience of 20 million, and Darnytsia soon won the first place in key marketing ratings.



Yaroslav Vedmid

Chief Operating Officer

Olga Sytnik

Account Managers

Vlad Vorokh Daria Varenyk

Graphic designer

Daria Kukisheva

Social Media Manager

Viktoria Shevchenko

Art director

Iryna Pavlova

Head of Web development

Maks Shtompil

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