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Darnytsia is one of the leading manufacturers of medicines in Ukraine. For 90 years, the company focused on manufacture of high-quality medicines. However, in 2019 Darnytsia’s financial indicators began to fall and the company eventually ranked 4th in terms of sales. The company’s prior positioning didn’t give a chance to increase revenues and attract new audiences with higher paying capacity.

For this reason, at the end of 2019 Darnytsia announced its rebranding. It became one of the most significant events for the company in the last few decades. As a result of the rebranding, the company intended to step up to a new level of its perception by audiences and make financial indicators grow.


Darnytsia’s rebranding faced the task of enhancing the company’s position in the market, creating a platform for development of communities with consumers and triggering revenue growth. At the same time, the renewed brand should abandon the territory of pills and move towards a consumer who buys health.


The main values ​​of the updated Darnytsia are health, innovation and technology. This is emphasized by the renewed brand identity based on the image of a D-shaped microscope and the environment-friendly green color.

We created a new animated website with a short virtual tour of Darnitsa. By the way, you can register for an offline excursion directly on the website! Before launching the website, we shot a rhythmical video in the factory in the format of a track with sounds of equipment which went viral on social media.

Besides, we launched branded Viber messengers for doctors and pharmacists. They covered the interests of these audiences much more extensively and became a salvation during the lockdown and limited access of pharmaceutical representatives to hospitals or pharmacies. Furthermore, the groups for Darnytsia employees ensured the enhancement of brand communications among the company’s 1,000 employees and their families.

The updated brand integrated its widgets, mechanics and created API data exchange protocols with the new online platforms Liki24 and, which not only broadcast the updated brand on the platforms but also enrich the targeted models with territorial insights.


The company ranked 1st among the most expensive pharmaceutical brands of Ukraine.

The company ranked 1st among Ukrainian pharmaceutical brands in terms of reach and interaction.

The company ranked 2nd in terms of revenue, being the fastest growing renewed pharmaceutical company in 2020.

The company ranked 3rd in the ranking of the most expensive Ukrainian brands, with its value increased from $172.2 million to $179.2 million.

20 million

of total audience reach

1 million

of interactions in 2020


Chief Operating Officer

Olga Sytnik

Account Managers

Graphic designer

Daria Kukisheva

Social Media Manager

Viktoria Shevchenko

Art director

Head of Web development

Maks Shtompil

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