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Today, the world is developing at breakneck speed. So how can a modern person keep up with it? Make knowledge a daily morning habit. Same as a cup of coffee.

To this end, in 2015 Postmen launched Wake Up, a morning lecture. People from any corner of Ukraine got the opportunity to listen to the country’s top speakers for free and fill themselves with knowledge.

Before the COVID pandemic, the project existed in weekly offline and online formats. During the quarantine, online lectures took place every day. Journalists, ecologists, politicians, businessmen, publishers, financiers, and nutritionists — experts from various fields shared their experiences and advice on surviving isolation.

55 lecturers participated in Wake Up, and the issues received 250,000 views. The identity developed for the project was included in the shortlist of KIAF.



Yaroslav Vedmid

Social Media Manager

Yelyzaveta Zaremba

Sound Designer

Igor Bondarenko

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