NP Lukash.

Нова пошта


Nova Poshta is a leading express-delivery company of Ukraine, pretending to be ‘the delivery of the future’. To confirm this motto, the company needs to introduce innovations and technologies to the public regularly.

In 2021 Nova Poshta decided to enter the biggest national cultural and art events with robotics to show the last generation of logistic technologies, which the company uses at warehouses. But how to integrate technological items into art and culture?

We developed a solution to serve the exhibition visitors with book advice and deliver the book immediately for the visitor. That is how the world’s first AI-driven robot-librarian NP Lukash was born. We launched and tested the robot at the Lesya Ukrainka exhibition, where he became a major attraction and a nanny for kids. Robot was the subject of numerous media reports and users’ posts in social media. We scaled the solution by implementing NP Lukash to the National library and other events.



Yaroslav Vedmid

Project Managers

Maria Bezklynska Iryna Shovkun

Art Directors

Maria Bezklynska Iryna Pavlova


Lubov Petrenko

PR manager

Yelyzaveta Zaremba

UI/UX designer

Vyacheslav Doroshenko

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