150 imen Lesi.

Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine

The Soviet Union diminished non-russian writers, limiting them to local consumption and promoting russian art for export. Ukrainian writers were presented in a folk and emasculate manner.

To launch the campaign, we created a dynamic brand identity as a system of 150 unique logos, united on the Lesya Ukrainka: 150 names platform. The branding was distributed as a digital brand book and shaped every event launched by the Government, institutions or individuals. Fashion industry used the brand system to launch their limited collections. Ukrainian Post issued the edition of 150 Lesya stamps.

Just in a year, the classic became #1 Ukrainian celebrity.



Yaroslav Vedmid Yaroslava Honcharuk Olena Horobets

Project Managers

Hanna Savchuk Natalia Stanko Maria Bezklynska Uliana Sakhnovska Iryna Shovkun

Art Directors

Olena Horobets Iryna Pavlova

Graphic Designers

Anastasiya Zafiyovska Vlad Doroshenko


Lubov Petrenko

Creative Producer

Olga Mykhalets


Ilya Reznikov Mariya Skarboviychuk

Motion Designer

Anastasiya Kukushkina

Social Media Manager

Oksana Voitko

Sound Designer

Igor Bondarenko

Technical Director

Yevhen Pryshchepa

UI/UX designer

Vyacheslav Doroshenko

PR manager

Yelyzaveta Zaremba


Ilya Rieznikov

Junior Strategist

Vladyslava Belau

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