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Postmen has a cool tradition – on St. Nicholas Day we organize a creative holiday for kids – Postmen Kids Day. At the event, children can feel like they are really working for an advertising agency. In 2019, kids worked on a brief from Saint Nicholas, they developed an idea, shot a stop motion animation and launched an advertising campaign for smartphone addicts.

On New Year’s eve, St. Nicholas came to the kids with a problem – people communicate less and less with each other, they do not celebrate New Year and Christmas and are constantly stuck to their smartphones. They had only 3 hours to solve the problem.

The social advertising campaign was created by several teams of kids. The creative department came up with a script for a stop-motion cartoon and a slogan – “Get off your smartphones. Christmas is for communication!”. The craft team created a cardboard city and its inhabitants for the video. The employees, together with the children, animated the story, voiced the cartoon and edited the video. The characters of the video were cut out of paper. Every person had a smartphone instead of the head, and in the center of the city there was the New Year’s Wi-Fi tower. The video shows how these guys were brought back to their senses.

This social video was launched as an ad on the Postmen’s Facebook page. Besides, the kids drew and printed stickers that can be stuck to a smartphone’s screen if a person sticks to it too long. We also created a website where these stickers can be ordered free of charge.



Yaroslav Vedmid

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