The Holodomor is a genocide committed by a totalitarian Soviet regime forcing Ukrainians to collectivization.

According to the most modest estimates, in 1932-1933 about 3.5 million Ukrainians lost their lives in Ukraine, and according to more realistic estimates, there are more than 4.5 million losses, including unborn children. The Soviet authorities did their best to clear the trace of this crime by destroying all the documents and rewriting the history.

Our task was to launch a fundraising campaign to unite all Ukrainians around the establishment of the Holodomor Museum, making it not a government project, but one created by each Ukrainian.


The concept of the project was simple – each monetary contribution revives the memory of one specific victim, not the impersonal number 4-7-10 or 14 million. People are not able to comprehend such great numbers, but they can feel every single tragedy.


Ukrainians are more willing to donate when it comes to a personal tragedy than a general problem. People donate to people. To make this a personal story, we linked each donation to only one name out of 7,000,000. One donation is the memory of one victim.

The symbol of each victim was a grain. For Ukrainians, it represents a life that was taken away by breaking into their homes.

We have created a stencil that retains the original shape of the logo that allows you to fill it with a unique meaning. Through the efforts of every Ukrainian, this void will be fulfilled – both in the visual sense, and in terms of memories, testimonies, materials, and funds for the creation of the Museum. Thus, every willing Ukrainian can create a unique grain – the story of a particular person – and upload it to the platform.

This is the world’s first definition of identity, which is initially empty and filled with memories of people during the project. Thus, the platform was created, developed and assembled by Ukrainians! And it makes people feel that the museum is a part of them.

The platform was launched on the eve of November 28, Holodomor Remembrance Day.


100 thousand

grains - already on the platform

3.5 million

hryvnias were donated in the first weekend

6.5 million

hryvnias were collected in 6 months

20 countries

people from 20 countries have made a charitable contribution


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