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In winter 2020 it was believed that COVID-19 affects mostly elders. But statistics proved that youngsters not just have the same chances to be infected, but also facilitate pandemia, making numerous contacts and usually feeling no symptoms when carrying the virus. In Ukraine, UNICEF was aware of the problem early in March and decided to help the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. But how to make youngsters follow the ‘new normal’ rules?

Young people have a rebellious nature. If you try to influence them — they resist. Instead of educating, we decided to ‘infect’ social media with coronavirus, inviting youngsters to ‘contagious’ situations.

Instagram and TikTok became a playground where the brand character Corona was introduced. We created a whole illustrated digital #Coronamania world around the character, letting the audience jump in.

#Coronamania started as a virtual playground in social media but had essential effects in the real world.



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