Нова пошта.

Нова пошта

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Nova Poshta is a leader in the Ukrainian delivery market. But how can the company maintain its primacy and not lose people’s trust?

To maintain the reputation of a transparent and socially responsible business and a responsible taxpayer.

To visualize the amounts of tax payments and to show that Nova Poshta cares about its employees and society, we chose a minimalist style. The emphasis in the campaign is on the message, and not on the visual series, so as not to distract the audience attention from the main point.

The total coverage of the outdoor advertising and media campaign on social networks amounted to 107 million. During the 2 months of the communication campaign, the audience’s knowledge that the activity of Nova Poshta is honest increased from 71% in 2020 to 79% in 2021. And at the end of December 2021, this number grew to 87%.

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