New Rules of Etiquette (Hoba).

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were afraid of the virus and followed safety guidelines strictly. However, soon the restrictions and official communication from healthcare professionals and the government began to have a backlash effect.

Together with UNICEF, we decided to change the approach and created Mr. Khoba — a bright and refined character in a retro style, who communicated the rules of new ethics in an emotional and friendly manner.

Mr. Khoba told Ukrainians about #crown_habits through outdoor advertising in 40 cities, on social networks, and through brochures. The campaign continued in three videos in which Mr. Khoba spoke in the voice of Oleksandr Vilkov, the Honored Artist of Ukraine. And in the pre-Christmas period, the character came out to the audience with updated relevant messages.



Kateryna Ryabchenko Olena Horobets

Project manager

Hanna Savchuk

Creative copywriter

Kateryna Ryabchenko

Art director

Olena Horobets

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